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Machalilla National Park (13)

In the heart of the Machalilla National Park is an archaeological site of Agua Blanca,with vestiges of a city of Manteno period which came to accommodate around 5,000 people. Most outstanding material elements which are exhibited in the Museum of whitewater are: stone chairs, a funeral, ritual pottery, idealized representations ofnature, lithic artifacts, etc.
With the help of a guide, you can visit the urban ruins of the Citadel of white water.

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Located in the port of salting is museum dedicated to the rafters of the South Sea,as a tribute to intrepid sailors and merchants of the prehispánico Ecuador.
Shown in correct material classification Valdivia, Chorrera-Engoroy, Machalilla, Guangala, Bahia and Manteno, recovered in the stratigraphic sections of Salango and Isla de la Plata and Puerto Lopez.

9630578054_2dff15f73d_oThe Isla de La Plata and navigation in raft


3 days in Mantaraya Lodge program

Day 1

This adventure starts with a journey of almost 3 hours from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez. Traveling the entire route of the Sun from Santa Elena to Manabí, passing andvisiting more than 10 fishing and artisanal villages in the area.
When you get a delicious lunch will be waiting to Mantaraya Lodge and in the afternoon, after a short break we will have the opportunity to visit the small fishing community of Salango. This small village is located south of Puerto López and has an interesting Museum with collected pieces from different places, inside and outside ofthe National Park.
In addition, the museum displays in chronological order remains and ceramic archaeological cultures that lived in this area for more than 5000 years. After dinner, we will have an explanatory talk that will introduce us to the species of birds that youwill find in the Machalilla National Park and will plan the next day tour activities.
Day 2
This day we change the activities of the continent to explore the wonders of the cliffs of the island de la Plata. The Isla de la Plata is a magnificent sanctuary of wild life, especially coastal and pelagic birds.
Our adventure marine begins in the peaceful Bay of Puerto Lopez, which is appropriate to make the shipments to the Stingray boat. Navigation lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. There are 3 main activities at this full day tour.
The first is a walk along a path default on the island with one of our guides to observe species like Pikemen of masked booby, blue legs or nazca, magnificent frigate birds and perhaps albatros. You can choose between long or short road and after the walk we can begin with the second activity, snorkelling. We will have plenty of time to enjoy this activity and on the shores of the island there is an immense variety of flora and fauna.
The ideal place for this activity is in Drake Bay. If you prefer only swimming or lounging on the beach you can do so during this time. Lunch offered during this tour istype box lunch and in the afternoon we sail back to Puerto Lopez, where a bus will take us back to the hotel. In the evening we will have dinner and then we will havea chat to find out the next day and more information about area activities.
* If your hobby is diving depth, do not hesitate to contact your travel agent to make due preparations by us prior to your trip. You will need to show your dive experience for which you will need to present your PADI license.
Day 3
This last day it offers you the opportunity to visit the strange humid tropical forest,also known as the Chongon Colonche mountain range. On this trip with our naturalist guide you will see more than 20 species of birds, will learn more about the floraand fauna of the area and you‘ll understand why this ecosystem is different from others who have already visited in previous days. For a couple of hours or more contact with this wonderful paradise and feel that it is to be in a real jungle.
A lunch early will be waiting for you at the hotel. In the afternoon we will have time to pack up and leave.

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